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Gyro Motion is proud to introduce GENESIS — our patented gyro-stabilized gimbal, setting new standards in stabilization and user friendliness.
This gimbal is the result of a process involving years of experience, engineering talent and the ambition to create a perfect system without the usual drawbacks of conventional open frame gimbals.
The new gimbal architecture, electronic design, software and control solutions allowed for us to create a system that provides exceptional accuracy and has no limitations in terms of stabilization and control.

gimbal always maintains correct polarity of the control axes regardless of the orientation of the mounting point

4-axis design eliminates gimbal lock in any orientation

two control modes: relative the earth horizon and relative the camera axes

motion recording and playback (3 min)

control panel with a touch screen

memorizing and returning to specified orientations in the inertial space

extremely high torque custom direct drive motors for all axes

always stable horizon in any shooting conditions

high stabilization accuracy provides excellent stable picture for lenses up to 500 mm for wide range of payload inertia

no limitation 360-degree continuous pan, tilt and roll control

programmable limits, tilt safety limits, auto reverse of tilt control direction

programmable rotations around the roll axis

zero drift for all axes

ready to operate immediately after power on

slip ring SDI and camera power channels through all axes

carbon fibre construction, hard anodizing

ARRI and cMotion LCS compatible, control from the control panel

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